Hello world!

Hello people of the makeup world! This is Shawna, Winnie and Jasmin coming at you with the hottest makeup tips and tutorials. From now on you’ll see everything from hauls to tutorials to cosplay and everything in between!

Shawna- I’m the visionary artist in the group, and love coming up with original imaginative ideas. I’m pretty loud and outgoing, and am described as charismatic and straight to the point by Winnie and Jasmin 🙂 Expect a lot of makeup and nail tutorials, reviews, and artsy things in general.

Winnie- I’m the factual artist in the group, leaning towards the technical side of makeup. I’m opinionated, practical, and observant. I’m super OCD about details, and a deep person in general 😀 Expect a lot of  makeup tips, tricks, and techniques from me!

Jasmin: Helloooo ^^ I’m the charismatic artist in the group, and I’m all about of the appearance of things. I’m outgoing, dramatic, and probably louder than Shawna (that’s a bad thing though =.=). Expect a lot of Anime, Korean styled looks, and just random stuff from me~~~

Expect at least one post every week from us!

Style, sense, and swag,

-The Three Artists


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