Review: Physicians Formula Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush

This is Shawna here with a quick review!

This product is the Physicians Formula Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Warm. It retails for about $15 for 0.24 oz/ 7g of product at London Drugs.



The product itself is quite attractive because of the cute little heart design, and it comes with its own brush. The brush is flat with half pink and half red bristles, and is located in a compartment with a mirror below the actual blush. I prefer to use a different blush brush because personally I don’t think the brush has a very soft texture and wouldn’t allow for easy blending/ application of the product.

Now, the company claims that this blush has a special formula that mimics endorphins (hormones that cause feelings of well-being) to make you feel better when it is applied. It also has a sweet scent that is supposed to be violets.

I’m not too sure about the smell being that of violets, but I can say that this blush has a light, flowery scent. It’s definitely refreshing to apply 🙂 When I did the swatch on my arm I could still smell it faintly. The company packaging says the user would experience a “feeling of joy” every time the product was applied, and while I don’t think the feeling was that EXTREME, I did feel happier while applying it. 🙂

The one negative thing I’d have to say about this blush is that it was quite a struggle to actually get the blush out. It was stuck to the inside of the box with that rubbery, clear gel glue and I had to pull harder than I expected to break the bond.  Some of it even got into the little squarish holes in the bottom of the container and I had to pick it out. Just a little picky flaw, but I’d thought I’d mention it.


This blush is perfect for a warm glow (hence the name >.<) and would apply beautifully to fair and tan complexions. If you swirl your brush to combine all the colours, (which is what I did but I suppose that if you’re really picky you can single out one or two of the colours, but I wouldn’t recommend it because you’d have to use a pretty small brush…) you get a gorgeous rosy pink, slightly leaning towards a peachy colour.

Overall I would definitely recommend this blush, although it is a tad pricey. The colour payoff is great, it blends easy, and it’s suitable for everyday use. The scent is irresistible, and appearance-wise it is one of the cutest blush designs I’ve seen. 🙂


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