Review: Hello Kitty Apple Balm (SEPHORA) =^.^=

(Hi~~~ Sorry for the late post update T-T)

For me buying this product was a great choice!!.^^ Not only does this lip balm moisturize the lips, but it also adds a little more colour to your complexion. It comes in a pretty cute container, too, though I question whether or not it looks like an apple =.=

Here are some Pros and Cons I have listed based on my experience using this product.


  • It’s price dropped so it about $10 now
  • It really does moisturize your lips
  • The colour it leaves on your lips is subtle
  • Has 0.22oz of product. To me that is quite a bit of product and a good deal considering that it is only $10 and that it comes from a brand name store
  • Comes in some really nice colours (ex. Light Pink, Darker Pink, Orange)
  • The lip balm feels very light on the lips and it doesn’t feel greasy


  • The packaging isn’t very convenient. You have to twist the cap off, use your finger to apply the lip balm to your lips, and then you have to screw the cap back on.
  • The fragrance isn’t all that great. It smells as if some person tried to hide the fact that is slightly smells like plastic by adding an artificial fruity smell.
  • This lip balm has a taste that isn’t very appealing, the taste isn’t horrible so it doesn’t really bother me much though


Style, sense, and swag,

-Post and Picture By: Jasmin ^^


2 thoughts on “Review: Hello Kitty Apple Balm (SEPHORA) =^.^=

  1. Interesting. Did you know that you should never use your finger to apply any make up? Always use an applicator as you contaminate the product by introducing bacteria into it via your hands. this way your products will last longer. 😀

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