Review: Tokidoki Lion Pappa Arte Palette

Wow… *stretches*. Long time no see!

It’s Shawna here with a review on one of the Tokidoki arte palettes! I got mine for about $12 CAD from Sephora. It contains 4x 0.03 oz of eyeshadow and 0.11 oz of blush.

I think the packaging is really cute <3! It is perfect for those who don’t mind colourful and different packaging. For others though, it may be a tad childish. Overall it really depends if your taste in packaging is sophisticated and classy or fun and animated. If you’re both then it’s all good 😉

This palette is conveniently thin and light thanks to the cardboard packaging. The top flap is held magnetically in place. The magnet itself is a good strength, not too light that it would lift if dropped or rustled around in a purse, but not too heavy that it is annoying to open. When opened there is a sheet of plastic to shield the eyeshadows inside (as is with most palettes).

This palette contains 4 eyeshadows and a blush. There are no names for the colours, so I’m going to describe them based on what they look like in the pan. First is a shimmery sandy taupe colour that would be good for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, a matte chocolatey brown, a gold, and a deeper brown with a slight shimmer to add definition. Finally the blush is a peachy colour with fine gold sparkles. BUT…

Left to right: The “chocolatey” brown, the sandy taupe, the gold, the deeper brown, and the blush.

Some of the colours don’t look like they were in the pans! The chocolatey brown has turned into more of a taupe colour, and the light taupe has turned way whiter. Also, the gold has a shimmer that was undetectable in the pan (not bad for me because I actually liked this colour better than the pan colour!). The dark brown and the blush were the only two that remained the same. I was a bit disappointed in this, but relieved that the colour change wasn’t TOO drastic. All the colours were pigmented, except the lighter brown, which blended into my skintone. When applying the colours, my advice is that you should pick the colour up on your brush lightly by dabbing or swiping gently (ESPECIALLY the blush). Otherwise, you will end up with a lot of loose unwanted colour that will get everywhere if you aren’t careful because the formula is so soft.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this for people who have a lot of makeup because all the colours are easy to dupe. But if you are new to makeup and like the colours in the SWATCH photo, then go for it! 🙂

Style, sense and swag!



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