Bright and Funky Nail Designs!

Hey, you have 5 fingers, so why not?

Lonely thumb is lonely.

These designs can be made from only 4 colors!

To do these nails, you’ll only need:

  • A very small paintbrush
  • Nail polish remover
  • dotting tool
  • Any 4 colours (preferably black and white with two colours of choice)


Music For the Heart

1. First, apply a good base coat to help protect your nails.

2. Apply your base color of polish until it’s opaque. (As you can see I used a sparkly black color).

3. Make the basic outline of the heart and earphones with white polish or white acrylic paint.

4.Simply fill in the area with your preferred colors!

5. For the white highlight on the heart, I took a cosmetic wedge and ripped a tiny chink off. Then, I dipped it in polish and sponged the color on.

6. Apply a good top coat and you’re done!

Electric Cheetah

1.  Apply a good base coat.

2. Apply white nail polish until it is opaque.

3. Apply lime green  in a triangle shape (don’t worry about accuracy, as you can always cover it with the black)

4. Outline the triangle in thick black lines. If you make any mistakes, cover up with white polish and try again!

5. To do the cheetah pattern, first make two messy lines opposite each other in black, rounding the edges in an incomplete oval (if your black polish isn’t opaque like mine, you may have to go over a second time). Then, add dabs of colour inside the oval shape. To fill in gaps, make a messy dot with black.

6. Add a top coat and you’re done!

Neon Cutie Bow

1. Put on a strong base coat.

2. Layer a white polish or the colour of your choice (make sure the dots will show up on the colour though)

3. Add an array of polka dots. For the perfect polka-dotted nail, make sure to stagger the dots correctly and use a dotting tool. (After this photo I also did a second dot over the ones that weren’t completely opaque).

4. Now, add the bow! The easiest way to do the bow is to put black polish in a bow shape, and then layer your preferred colour over. This creates a black outline around the bow, (less work! ^^)

5. Then add the details of the bow in black. Basically consists on the lines you see stemming out from the circle onto the ears of the bow to add dimension.

6. Top coat and you’re done!

Skulls and Love

1. Base coat!

2. An opaque coat of sparkly black nail polish!

3. Outline the skull and hearts in white. To make it easier, you can use a tiny dotting tool to create the hearts and teh bones branching out from the skull.

4. Fill in the hearts with your colours of choice using a small paintbrush.

5. Using your dotting tool, make two black eye sockets in the skull. If you want to further create a more animated look like I did, add smaller white dots within the black dots.

6. Add a top coat and you’re finished!

Gradient Flowers

1. Base Coat!

2. Paint the bottom half of your nail black, then the otehr half white, to be the base for the gradient.

3. Using a cosmetic wedge or sponge, sponge polish onto the top half of the nail. This may take several coats to get your desired effect/opacity. I ended up sponging some black too to get better blending of the two colors.

4. Using a dotting tool, make 4 white dots to form the flower. Drag each of the dots into the middle so that the flowers connect.  Next, overlap your desired polish over the white flower (or you could just keep it white!).

5. Make little dots or flower petals gradually down into the black.

6. Top coat and you’re finally done!

WOOT! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, there will be many more to come!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be getting some much deserved Zzzzzz…!

Style sense and swag!



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