Summer TTT #1: How to pick the perfect summer dress

Heyheyhey, it’s Winnie again (: Just to help you guys get a head start on your summer look, I’ve come up with some aesthetically pleasing suggestions on how to pick your perfect summer dress (or just a dress in general)! We all have different bodies, so each suggestion is designed just for you ^^

For people with…

relatively small waists:

-try a dress that flares just before the hips and is fit around the waist area (keyword when shopping: accentuate!)

-add a belt to really highlight your waist


athletic arms:

a strapless dress will help draw eyes to your shoulders and arms


noticeable curves:

-an a-line with a flared bottom to balance out the hips


long legs:

try an uneven hem that camouflages the thighs, but shows off your calves (to really flaunt those legs of yours)


small hips:

-a tiered or layered bottom makes your lower body look curvier


a small bust:

-find dresses with a pleated bodice to add fullness to your chest area


insecurities with their belly:

-an Empire waist skims over your curves and draws the eye upward  (:


Happy shopping!

Style, sense, and swag,



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