Review: Avon Glazewear Lipgloss

Been wanting to do a review on these for a while 🙂 I have four colours of the Avon Glazewear line of  lip glosses to review today.

(Left to right) Darling Pink, Intense Plum, Mirage, Iced Pink.

The packaging is pretty average, lightweight plastic tubes with wand applicators. Nothing fancy here. I bought these for about $2 each out of the Avon catalog, which is pretty darn affordable if you ask me.

Iced pink is a very light cotton candy Pink, with a soft golden shimmer. This colour would look better on lighter/paler complexions, rather than on tan or dark complexions because of its frosty and shimmery finish combined with the light colour. For example, I’m more of a tan/beige complexion, and this looks very milky and too light of a colour for my lips when applied heavily.

Mirage is a sheer golden colour with noticeable sparkle. Although it can be worn by itself (personally I think it is a little bit overpowering) , I would recommend putting this colour over lipstick to give a warmer tone and some sparkle.

Intense Plum. A rich, deep pink that can be worn by all skin tones. It contains very fine shimmer particles that give it a warmer tone. It is pigmented enough to give a good dose of colour when worn alone.

Darling Pink. My personal favourite of the group. This is a very innocent, sweet sort of pink, providing just enough colour to give lips a rosy tint. It does have some fine glitter particles, but they aren’t overbearing.

Left to right: Mirage, Darling Pink, Intense Plum, Iced Pink.

The formula on these was not too goopy and thick, but not too thin and liquid-like either. It sits comfortably on the lips, but the wear time seems to be on the shorter side. Expect to be reapplying if eating or drinking. The smell of the glosses is nice, a sweet vanilla. Taste is minimal, and not very bothersome.

Overall, I think these are a good deal for the price, and come in a good variety of colours.

Style, sense and swag!




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