Tokidoki Prisma Gloss in Devil Girl

OK, just a note here. This is the only one of the Prisma Glosses that actually has some sort of pigmentation. When I swatched the others in Sephora they all showed up clear or with incredibly sheer pigmentation. I literally couldn’t tell one apart from the other, they were that sheer.

Unfortunately Tokidoki is no longer going to be sold at Sephora (nooooo! Q.Q) , so I got mine on sale for WAY cheaper than normal price (the Sephora site says $9 currently for 0.26 fl. oz)

As with most of their other products, tokidoki has very modern and chic packaging. For the Prisma Chrome lipglosses, the packaging is a plastic rectangular prism with an individual decoration on top depending on which shade you buy.

As you can see Devil Girl came with…. a devil girl. I find it cute that the little decos come in a front and back view ❤

The little cut outs in with the figures can sometimes make it hard to see them though. I had to shake them around for a while before I could get the right photos 🙂

This is not your typical applicator, a flat, rounded piece of flexible plastic. At first it is hard to apply the gloss, but meh, it gets easier after a while. 🙂

While it looks rather pigmented in the tube, the gloss comes of as rather sheer (note that at the beginning of the post I said that this is actually quite pigmented compared to the other shades). On the lips it is rather thick, but I wouldn’t consider it sticky. It smells like candy, rather sweet, and tastes like gummies, only not as sugary. Personally I think this gloss is popular mostly because of the scent and the taste. It is the best aspect of these glosses and the one that stands out the most.

Style, sense, and swag!

-Shawna ❤


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