Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Review

Hey guys! My names Jocelyn and Shawna asked  me to do a sort of “guest post” for this blog… anyway I was trying to decide what to do a blog about and I got the idea to review a makeup remover I just bought!

OK here goes… As Im sure all of you know, the most important thing about beautiful makeup is beautiful skin. No one finds thick, cakey, creasing foundation appealing, and if you need it to cover up your skin then I have a tip for you: don’t wear it, and when you do make sure to take it off properly! I know first hand that face makeup directly affects the state of your skin and feel that taking it off before you sleep is very important… I also believe that if you aren’t going to take it off properly, you might as well leave it on. Therefore, I present to you Neutrogena’s “Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover”.

this is what the bottle looks like…

Now in terms of makeup removers, I’m sure this isn’t top ranking, but considering the fact that I’m pretty sure this was under $10, it’s a pretty good buy. It comes in a bluey-purple plastic container with a screw on lid. the formula itself has to be shaken, other wise it is separated and doesn’t take off the makeup properly…

The bottle says that it is oil free, but despite what you may think, it does actually remove water proof makeup. On application, it has a slippery feel, but it isn’t oily, and that feeling lingers on the skin if it isn’t removed with something else. The bottle says to gently rinse after removing the makeup but I never have… I’m not really one to read instructions -.-…. Anyway, it took me about 3 cotton pads worth of remover to fully remove all my makeup… but it worked pretty well. I’m just gonna say that I’m pretty sure this is the same makeup remover as the Clean and Clear “soothing eye makeup remover”…

this is all the makeup i was wearing before i took it all of… shawna -_-

this is after i took all my makeup off… 3 cotton pads later

After I finished taking all my makeup off I washed my face with a cleanser/toner face wash and here is what my wash removed that the makeup remover didn’t get…

this is what my makeup remover left on my face…

To be honest, I can’t make an honest comparison of this to something that is more expensive because I just don’t have extra money to spend on things like that, but I can say that this is like the 5th makeup remover I’ve tried within this price range and CAN say that it is the best by far! Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to maybe do some more blogs in the future…

Style, Sense & Swag

Jocelyn ❤


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