NOTD: Easy Monochromatic French Tips!

Hey guys! Shawna here with a quick and easy nail design! What’s great about this look is that it can be applied using the non-dominant hand and still look just as good.

All you need to re-create this look are sandwich bags (not the ziplock variety) and a couple of monochromatic polishes. A very dark shade and a white/very light shade of your desired colour are necessary. These serve as the base colour and french tip of the design.

First, I applied a base coat, and then the darkest colour all over the nail. Then, I crumpled the plastic sandwich bag and put polish on it so that it looked like this…

…and dabbed it all over my nail. I repeated this over and over again with various colours until I got my desired look. Then, I drew my french tip on with the lightest colour. Finally, I finished the look off with a glossy top coat.

See? Easy as pie 🙂

A couple variations include using the darkest colour or black as the french tip and using the lightest colour as a base, using a bunch of random colours to create sort of a paint-splattered look, adding glitter top coat, polishes, or rhinestones to add some bling *.* , or only using neon polishes for bright and funky nails!

Style, sense and swag!



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