OOTD: Warm and Cute for Vancity!

Hey guys! Its Jocelyn again, and i thought that due to our gross rainy weather here in Vancouver I would do an OOTD for a rainy day that is easily made warmer or cooler!

sooo… Ya! thats the look… anyway i figured that i should tell you what exactly it is that I’m wearing and where its from… well lets see… I’m wearing some rocking blue socks that i got for christmas (best stocking prezzie evehh… they’re my fav socks), a purple Aeropostale tank top:

hmmm… over my tank i wore a cool tummy top i found in TJ Maxx for like $12… it is Ocean Drive (not that i know what that is…):

Overtop of that i was wearing an Ardene scarf that i really like coz it matches really well with my eyes!:

Last but not least i had a pair of high wasted skinny jeans from H&M on… i really like them coz they come up to about the top of my hips…:

Anyway this is the first OOTD I’ve done… like ever… and i don’t really know how to do them, thats why i put so many pics… well what can you do? ahahaha just thought id mention that i wore this outfit with punky black boots and a black TNA hoodie, but it can be worn with lots of different shoes and jackets so i didn’t take a pic with those things included… i also wanted to mention that, as a look, this is a lot more of an outline, all the parts can be switched around to make something unique to you, thats why i posted it. i truly believe that individuality is very important and encourage people to make their own decisions on the way they dress and act, but also know that it can be really tough… so CHEERS! to individuality, and here is a little piece of mine ❤

Style, Sense, and (of course) Swag…

Jocelyn 😀  PS… thanks for reading and all your support… luv u all!


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