M.A.C Fluidline in Blacktrack

Hello Lovelies!!! hope you’re all having a rockin summer (or winter for those of you in the other hemisphere)… well I’ve had this great eyeliner from MAC for a while now and decided to do a review on it… here goes!

So it comes in a small glass container with a black top… I’m not sure what it is made out of but i think its plastic… anyway, this is what it looks like:

one of my favourite eyeliners!

This is defiantly a great product, and despite the fact that I’m not very picky i was very impressed with this eyeliner. IT DOES NOT CREASE!!! once it has set it really doesn’t crease… like really… as a test i put it on in the morning and took pic and took one now to see if it has creased and it hasn’t moved an inch… as i said it really doesnt crease, i am very happy with this product (if you couldn’t already tell *.*). Here are my morning and night pics so you can see for yourself… i took these with my phone so they aren’t the best quality but here ya go…

this morning no more that 5 min after i finished doing my makeup

now… basically… i took this like 10min ago

as you can see, there was no creasing at all… this is really worth the money, and i would suggest it if you have a problem with creasing eyeliner! i have to say that using this eyeliner can be a tad difficult because you have to use a brush and it takes quite a lot of getting used to… but once your past that it is a wonderful product, and defiantly worth the $15 (US according to MAC website i think i got mine for 12 but I’m prob wrong -_-) i would definitely buy this again!!! here is a smudge swab i did of it so you can see it smudged… it really is just a flat black… i look so pale in comparison T-T

Well thats about it… just wanted to let you guys know about this amazing (and decently reasonable) product! thank you so much for reading and i would like to let you guys know about something that I’m starting. So from this point on I’m going to be taking questions, from twitter (@thethreeartists) and email (thethreeartists@gmail.com), and taking the most common or my favourite or the best or whatever and answering them for a QOTW (question of the week) section of this blog… if you have a question to ask i guess you could leave it in the comments, but its easier for me to keep track of if its in email or twitter… anyway, just wanted a place where you all could leave us questions… for the questions that i don’t use for the QOTW, i or Shawna or Winnie will try to answer them for you or direct you to a source of info for an answer… anyway thank you for reading and please follow us on twitter and send us your questions!

Style, Sense and Swag,

Jocelyn 😉


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