OOTN: Lets Go Out to the Movies!

Hey Beauties!!! so i went out and saw Brave last night with a friend, and while i was getting ready, i thought about what i was going to post next. anyway i decided to do a look of the night (lotn). this includes the full look, makeup hair clothes… everything! so here is my night out inspired look…

its not a very good pictures (my mom fails with cameras) but anyway… im not going to put a pic of the things im wearing, but its pink “bamboo” flats, black “ardene” nylons, a frilly black “mine…” skirt, and a pink floral “passport” blouse…
for jewelry im wearing pretty earrings my friend gave me for my birthday, and a necklace i got from a friend (dont ask how…) im also wearing my plugs, but those stay in all the time… for my makeup i did simple cute wings and berry reddish lipstick…

now as im sure you all noticed, i did a hair bow… its a tad uneven but i still think its adorable… anyway, i only did half my hair so the rest of it i french braided down my back… here are some pics of that… and just so u all know im writing this on my iphone to see how i like the wordpress app…


well thats it… i just thought this was a cute look and wanted to share it will all of you! thank you so much for reading and please send us ur questions at thethreeartists@gmail.com or twitter (@thethreeartists)
Style, Sense, and Swag!!!
Jocelyn ❤


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