Show Your Stripes: MOTD/DIY

So, I know i haven’t done a post in a while (ooops!) i’ve been really busy with school, anyway here is a look i thought up today. It looked pretty cool so here it is and a few simple steps… its really easy!

So ya… Zebra inspired makeup! I’m sure its all over the internet, i just thought i’d give it a go…

1) prime your eyes and apply a white base. I used a sparkling/sheer colour but you could use a matte one too…


2) Apply a black eyeliner. anything is fine as long as it won’t crease and sets quickly. I used MAC fluid line. Put this on the area between your crease and lashes… fill it so its opaque. if you don’t have a crease, then make it really thick and wing it at the end… same for half-hidden… i think, i would have to try it on both…


3) take a white eyeliner, and draw stripes on your eyes… looking at a pic of a zebra will prob help thats what i did. also line the area around the tear duct and along the bottom lashes until you meet the end of the black, which should come about 2/3 of the way or so… I’m bad with fractions btw…


4) Next, use a black pencil to draw black stripes on the remaining area above the liner… also line the water line it back and white, switch between them… you’ll see.


5) lastly repeat on the other eye, apply mascara and curl your lashes, and put on what ever lip colour you want… i put on a pink lipgloss…


Good luck! thank you for reading and make sure to send in your questions… I really am sorry for not doing a post in so long, or at least it feels that way! Im in Summer School so i have been studying for tests and such T-T… Thanks for all your support! it feels really good when i check my email and see that someone liked a post or anything like that!

Style, Sense and Swag,

Jocelyn ^.^


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