3 Easy Ways to Wear Only Eyeliner

Hey eveyone!!!
I just thought i’d share some easy ways to do your eyeliner… and just your eyeliner. i find that putting on shaddow and everything in the morning can be very time-consuming, so sometimes i just wear eyeliner… with mascara of course but that goes without saying… ok so these are kind of weekend based…

Good look for a friday night out…

and close…

Ok so for this one, basically all i did was apply a black Gel/Cream eyeliner up beyond my crease, they pulled it back towards the inside of my eye. then i just filled the empty space with a blue eyeliner… and filled the tear duct area with white eyeliner and put on mascara. This is a pretty cool look but it is decently dark, so i think it would be good as a night out look, but of course its all up to you!

Cutie Pie for Saturday

This one is, again, really easy. Just thinly line your eyes with liquid eyeliner, wing it out, and then on the bottom lash line just draw three little triangles… one stroke down and one on either side going in to the end of the first… the triangles should point out… like arrows… This is really cute, and is a great look for hanging out during the day, and could be used for any day of the week… it just seems like a saturday look to me 🙂

Open Eyes on Sunday…


For this one, like the top lashes about a third of the way with white eyeliner, and the bottom about half. then bring a blue (or any other color you like) to meet it… make sure to wing it out and apply mascara. this gives the impression of really big eyes, its summery and cute so it reminds me of lazy sundays… also, make sure to blend the eyeliner were the two meet, other wise it looks funny 😉

Thank you for reading, and please submit any questions to our twitter or email… just so you know, i havent had any questions submitted, so that is the reason for there being no QOTWs…

Style, Sense and Swag,

Jocelyn xx







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