Review: Tokidoki Cromatica Eyeshadow in Soya

Hey makeup lovers! I’m finally back home, its mind-boggling to think that only a day ago I was in Mexico miles and miles away. I’m pretty sure I won’t be going away for quite a bit, so I have a lot of stuff planned for the blog. 😉 Many thanks to the lovely Jocelyn for posting on the blog while I was away. ❤

The extremely cute Soya

The box is the same sort of style as the Prisma Chrome Lipglosses, clear plastic with designs all over. For some reason I just can’t bear to throw these boxes away, because they’re art!

The actual eyeshadow is in a skull shaped container, with a heart and crossbones on the front. Not the most convenient packaging, but hey, this is Tokidoki we’re talking about. 🙂 Despite the unusual shape, the container is easy to open and fairly lightweight.

Soya is a lime green that’s more on the yellow side than blue. Not the most pigmented or vibrant green out there, though. The colours on the packaging are way more vibrant than the product in the pan. Honestly I was expecting the green to be electric, but it fell short (and I applied it wet, too QQ).  For subtile looks I would recommend this, but if you want to go flashy, I suggest trying something else.

Style, sense, and swag! 🙂



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