e.l.f Matte Lip Pencil in Rich Red

Yay for affordable e.l.f. products! This I bought at Target, $3 for 0.06 oz or 1.8g of product. 😀 I prefer wearing just a touch of this product over lipgloss to add a bit of rosy colour. Truthfully the full on red lip looks a little mature on me, not to mention that I also look like a geisha with a red lip. A tan geisha if you can picture that 😀

Packaging is plain, matte black with a coloured end for easy recognition of the shade.

It has a twist up applicator, and you get about 5 cm (2 inches) of the product (yes I did measure with a ruler XD).

Rich Red is a vibrant red colour that would look good on skin with warm undertones. The pigmentation is pretty good, and the product glides on quite well. It can be applied sheer for a rosy lip (great for school), or full on for an elegant classic red lip. There is no taste, but expect this to show up on glasses when you sip them, because it transfers easily. I would try to apply the lip colour in a way that keeps the tip fairly sharp (unless you apply it with a lip brush), because face it, it’s a real bother applying products with nub tips. >.<

Applied sheer, perfect for summer and spring!


Applied opaque, this look is more for winter or fall lips, or for a night out.

So. Is it worth it?

Definitely! For a pigmented red that can be worn all year round with buildable colour? And only $3? Yes Please!

Style, sense, and swag!

-Shawna 🙂



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