5 Essential Eyeshadow Colours

Makeup can be problematic. Sometimes you just want to look good, but don’t know what colours to buy. Maybe you don’t have the money to splurge on a wide spectrum of colours (I know I don’t! :P), or just don’t want to. Maybe you just want to shop for basic makeup and nothing else.

Starting out in makeup, I didn’t want to venture into bright colours, just colours that I could wear everyday and still look great. That’s why I want to share 5 essential eyeshadow colours that can easily be used for everyday use.


Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow in Dazzle

Tokidoki Lion Pappa Arte Palette

Browns are great for a natural, sophisticated, and classy look. Blending different browns together on the lid and crease and adding a highlight makes a great everyday look. They are also very compatible with other colours. I highly recommend getting a light brown and dark brown eyeshadow if you’re just starting using makeup.


Tokidoki Lion Pappa Arte Palette

Golds are also great for a natural, radiant everyday look. They make eyes look awake and luminous, and are also very compatible with other colours. Best of all, they look AMAZING on every type of skin tone.


Tokidoki Lion Pappa Palette (Makes an excellent highlight)

This picture is focused mostly on the gold colour, but the colour to the top left is a great beige/champagne. From the Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Palette

Beige/White eyeshadows really brighten/open up the eyes. They are mostly used to highlight the inner corner of the eye, but beige and chanpagne eyeshadows can be placed on the lid for an extremely natural look.


Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Palette

Estee Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette

Purple is a very versatile colour. Deep, rich plum colours can look very mature, while bright purples (see Sephora palette above) can be very captivating.


Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Palette

Olive is a toned down, earthy colour that looks great blended with browns, golds, and other greens. Great to add some colour, yet still very subtile and natural.

So there you have it! Five colours that are great for everyday use, or to start off a makeup collection. Hoped this helped you, and thanks for reading.

Thank you to all our followers and people who have supported us by liking out posts! *hugs*

Style, sense, and swag!

-Shawna 🙂


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