Summer TTT #3: Summer/Fall trends

Hi everyone (: sorry I haven’t been posting for a while D: I’m still in vacation mode. I can’t stop eating…..away at the newest fall trends! ANYWAY, since school has probably started for some of you (and for others: not until another week or two) I’ve decided to do some summer/fall trends that can help with transitioning into the fall season.

As the weather gets cooler, most of our summer tanks and short shorts go back into the closet for next year. BUT HOLD ON, you can still keep some of your cute summer pieces into the school year (yay!). So here’s a list of trends that both summer and fall share:

Neutral polishes: The bold oranges and and bright greens have served their time, now it’s time for your nails to simmer down. If you own bottles of neutral polishes and you don’t know when to use them, now’s the time to shine! Colours like beige, olive green, brown, taupe, and grey are in for the fall season ahead. There’s something about the warm earthy neutral colours that really warm up a cold school morning. But let’s not forget about light colours like baby blue or pastel pink. Pastels are a hit in both the summer and fall seasons, so don’t put them away (:


Also: navy blue, maroon, earthy tones, and even white are some colours that are in for fall.

Patterned shoes: Whether it’s zebra print or geometric, your patterned shoes are still in fashion for fall. Nothing is more chic than pairing up your floral flats with some white/black skinny jeans to really make your shoes stand out in the crowd and brighten up your day.


Friendship bracelets: Swapping and making these bracelets over the summer totally pays off when the school season starts. Just by rocking a quartet of friendship bracelets totally paves the way for a stronger friendship when you get back to class. Also, you can match your bracelets with your daily outfits to make it a cute accessory.


Infinity scarves: These light-weight favourites are definitely a must-have for any season. The infinity scarf is perfect for a light, breezy summer afternoon, as well as a cool autumn morning at school. They’re a quick and easy way to update and warm up any ensemble.


Here are some…random trends I’ve been noticing:

Animal rings: There’s definitely something unique about wearing a sparkly animal ring. You’re sure to turn heads even as you doodle in class…


Turbands: Is it a turban? Or is it a headband? Whatever it is, it sure is versatile (: It can help tame frizzy hair and absorb sweat on hot summer days. It can also be pulled over your ears on a cold school morning.


Accented/Statement collars: Nothing stands out more than a bejeweled collar…that’s for sure. You can basically pair it with anything from sleeveless dresses to sweaters. There’s really no limit to the endless possibilities.


Hope this helped! Cheers to a great school year (:

Style, sense, and swag,



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