NOTD #2: Abstract Blue

This design was originally inspired by the Cheshire cat, but I guess I got a little carried away, because the finished product looks nothing like it except for the blues >.<

Sorry for my cuticles being train wrecks. I’m also trying out new cameras, this one seems to be doing a fine job with the macro shots. I’m pretty sure it’s an old model too.

I started off with a dark blue base. Then, I did an intentionally splotchy gradient towards the tip of the nail with a shiny ocean blue.

After, I got a light metallic blue and sponged it on random parts of the nail. If the metallic got too overpowering, I then painted over some parts with the other 2 blues.

After that, I painted on the dark swirl sort of french tip design with a small brush and blue-black polish, and then put a blue jelly polish with glitter in it over the design.

Finally, I mixed some of the metallic blue with white and made dots that sometimes followed the swirls (and sometimes didn’t) with a dotting tool. Then, to give the glitter more shine and to finish off the look, I added a top coat.

Style, Sense, and swag!

-Shawna πŸ™‚


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