Review: Nyx Lipstick in Indian Pink

London Drugs recently began selling Nyx products, and as you can imagine, I was really excited. At the time, I was looking for a coral lipstick, so I decided to pick one up.

The packaging is fairly simple: plain black with the Nyx logo. The colour at the bottom makes for easy identification and is accurate to the actual colour of the lipstick.

In this swatch the coral leans toward the warm side, but in reality I find it blue-toned. It seems to be a very creamy finish, rather than shimmery. The pigmentation is pretty good in the swatch, but I found the lipstick to be a huge pain to apply.

My natural lips

First attempt

EW. DO YOU GUYS SEE THAT? When I first tried Indian Pink, the colour did not spread evenly across my lips, and every single bit of dead skin was highlighted (and I usually have pretty smooth lips). Since most people don’t go around with perfectly flawless lips that are scrubbed dry of dry skin, this proved to be the biggest turn off for me. It also transfers onto glasses, and doesn’t have exceptionally long wear (maybe 3 or 4 hours).

So after the first failed try, I decided to scrub my lips until they were extremely smooth amd try again.

And the results weren’t actually that bad.

2nd attempt. This resembles more the true colour of the lipstick.

This time, the colour went on pretty smoothly, and there weren’t any problems with the dry skin. Soon after though, I noticed that the lipstick had found another place to concentrate on, the natural creases of my lips. (and I can’t really do anything to make that better QQ) The only way I can wear this lipstick is if I put a strong lip balm base under it and apply it sheerly on top.

Overall, I’m a little disappointed with my first Nyx purchase. Hopefully I can buy some better products from them in the future.

Style, sense and swag!

-Shawna ❤


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