Liebster Blog Award! (x3)

Hey beauty-lovers! We’ve been nominated for the Liebster blog award by Fairytales and Coffee! This is a huge honor for us and quite a step for our blog. And since there’s 3 of us, it’s gonna be triple the fun because we’re all going to answer the questions ūüėČ

Ok, basically the rules for this award are:

  1. List 11 facts about yourself
  2. Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  3. Make up 11 new questions for the people whom you nominate for the Liebster award
  4. Nominate 9 blogs with less than 200 followers and let them know you nominated them by commenting on one of their posts!
  5. No tag backs!

OK then, lets get started!

11 facts about Shawna

  1. I’m a huge Sherlock fan! Love the series, especially the soundtrack and the neverending¬†suspense! Oh, and not to mention Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. ūüôā
  2. I watch a lot of anime too. Some favourites are Ouran Highschool Host Club, Baka to test to Shoukanjuu, and Soul Eater. Not really sure if the Legend of Korra counts as one.
  3. When I was a kid I used to be afraid of my closet. Not because I was afraid of any “monsters” inside, but because the knobs looked like eyes to me.
  4. I want to be a makeup artist or own a bakery one day.
  5. When I get inspired, I can spend countless hours on one task. We’re talking the whole day here. And then, if I get uninspired, chances are I leave the task unfinished until I get madly inspired again. This could be as long as a couple of years.
  6. I love making puns. Even lame ones.
  7. I play the piano, but like learning stuff like piano dubstep remixes and movie theme songs instead of classical music.
  8. I can’t sit still. I either have to be fiddling around with¬†or doodling¬†with my pen if I’m in school, looking around the room, or chipping my nail polish. X)
  9. Favourite book trilogy is the Everfound¬†trilogy by Niel Shusterman. It’s amazing, and the only series I have ever read that I have fully enjoyed the entire way though.
  10. I tend to forget when I’ve told someone something, leading to me repeating myself multiple times on different occasions.
  11. I sometimes can spend hours just listening to music. There’s honestly nothing better than music that captures you until it’s over.

Jocelyn’s 11 Facts

  1. I, myself, am a huge kpop¬†fan, which i¬†know is kind of odd because, to be blunt, I’m white, but idk¬†I find it very interesting
  2. Along the lines of the last fact, i find languages very interesting and have taken any chance given to learn a new one from about the age of 8…
  3. I used to do dance when I¬†was young, I¬†know it’s a¬†common thing to say, but it is very important for me. Many people my age ask my why I¬†love makeup so much and, if I¬†give an honest answer, it would be because it was one of the good things I¬†took out of dance… I¬†was the awkward, inflexible, uncoordinated kid that didn’t¬†fit in, but I loved learning how to do stage makeup
  4. I learned how to do algebra and calculate volume/area in 3rd grade, one from my cousin and the other from my grade 7 buddy, and have liked math since.
  5. I consider myself a nerd, despite the fact that all my nerd-knowledge¬†comes from listening to my brother yap about random stuff… even considering this, I¬†do love anime, video games like Zelda and Mario, comics (especially Deadpool), and manga
  6. My favourite video game to play is Skyrim, but my favourite games to watch are Zelda games ( the old ones like Windwaker¬†and Ocarina of Time for N64) because I¬†used to help my little bother figure out the puzzles while he did all the fighting… we work as a team in a sense, our current goal is to finish Windwaker by Christmas…
  7. I have dyed my hair more than 5 colours, but always come back to my natural hair… black, dark brown, dark red-brown, blonde, med red-brown…¬†I know there are more -_-
  8. Because of my natural curls,¬†I have 4 flat irons but only 1 curling iron…¬†I don’t¬†use any of them any more, because it’s a lot of work and makes my hair grow slower. My goal is to have nice long hair by the time¬†I graduate.
  9. As you can probably tell im kind a writer…¬†I love to create characters and make them do impossible things ūüėÄ Ironically, I¬†am a terrible speller¬†and I’m actually pretty horrible at formal writing too, it feels too stiff for me and I therefore hate english class…
  10. I love music, especially singing, and would love to grow up to be a professional singer, song writer and producer… but working with musical theatre would be lovely too, seeing as I love to act. Actually¬†I used to audition for commercials but never made it into anything
  11. I could never get plastic surgery, not because I¬†think its wrong or too expensive or whatever, but because my mind doesn’t stay made… I can be fully, completely, mind, body and soul “goth” one month and “prep” to the same extent the next. Because of this my closet is an odd arrangement of non-matching things!

Winnie’s 11 Facts

  1. I am a huge fan of Allstar Weekend (boy bands for life) and One Direction. I’m sorry, I can’t resist guys that can sing.
  2. I’m actually the only one on the blog that doesn’t wear makeup… AT ALL. Believe it or not, the closest thing I’ve got to cosmetics is moisturizer (:
  3. I’m a big fan of natural and/or organic products since I’m concerned about polluting our beautiful world full of beautiful people c:
  4. I play the piano, flute, guitar (acoustic and electric), bass, violin (badly LOL), and the recorder (that probably doesn’t count but whatever). Music is my paradise c:
  5. I play tennis in the summer (all day everyday) and I ski and snowboard in the winter. Yup, I love sports (except for swimming…).
  6. I want to be a professional pianist or a tennis player when I grow up (and hopefully make it into Stanford or Juilliard *crosses fingers).
  7. I’m scared of spiders and bees/wasps. And anything with wings and a stinger. Ladybugs and butterflies are my friends (:
  8. My worst subject is English (I got a 90%…noooooooooooo). I’m just so OCD about my writing. I take waaaaaay too long to post because I’m concerned about indenting (I usually end up not indenting anyway) and lining up everything. The time it takes for me to post/blog=1.5 hours.
  9. I’ll only buy products that aren’t tested by animals. I hate animal cruelty D:
  10. I try too hard to be funny. And it doesn’t work.
  11. I love travelling. The early mornings, the jet lag, and all that good stuff. I really reminds me how blessed I am to have opportunities to visit other countries. I also like catching up with my reading on the plane :3 (ironically, I hate airplanes…I always think that there’s a terrorist sitting behind me).

Now onto the questions asked by Fairytales and Coffee!

1. What is your favorite book?

S: Right now it’s Delirium by Lauren Oliver. It’s honestly just so good, and it leaves you thinking about it for days, which I like.

J: I dont¬†really have one… I loved the Leviathan Trilogy from Scott Westerfeld… as well as the Darkest Powers Trilogy from Kelly Armstong

W: Awake and Dreaming by Kit Pearson. I picked it up in grade 3 and I still don’t understand it, but that’s what keeps me interested.

2. Do you still read fashion magazines, and if you do which is your favorite one? If you don’t, why did you stop reading them?

S: Yes I do! Read Elle’s fall fashion one a couple of days ago. It’s always nice to look at the makeup on the models, admire the creative techniques people have come up with. Not to mention the fashion too. It keeps me updated not so much on specific trends, but inspiration for my own style.

J: No, I¬†don’t¬†really keep up with fashion, and never really have… my mom isnt into that kind of stuff, nor is anyone else in my family so I¬†didn’t¬†really grow up with it or anything… idk…

W: Seventeen! I just love reading the fashion advice.

3. What is your biggest skincare concern?

S: Acne scarring and spots. Hmmm… maybe I’ll try some remedies out and post what works and doesn’t.

J: I know I¬†may seem young, but wrinkles… I have lines under my eyes that my eyeliner just loves to run into and it makes me really paranoid that it will only get worse…

W: There are parts where my face is dry…and parts where oil is a big concern. Yay…

4. If you had to choose: Britney or Christina, and why? :)

S: Christina. She’s a better singer.

J: Christina… not only do I¬†prefer her voice, but there is something about her that I¬†find attractive… an essence I guess you could call it…

W: What they said^

5. If you have to choose: Shakira or JLo, and why? :)

S: JLo for sure. She’s insanely pretty, and an admirable singer as well. I like the way she dresses, very classy and elegant when necessary (or just in general).

J: Equal, I way¬†prefer JLo¬†as an actor, she’s very funny and charismatic… but, as a singer, I¬†love Shakiras¬†voice; it is so unique and complex. I love listening to some of her old songs like ” Hips Dont Lie”

W: Shakira. She can dance and sing. Good enough. And she’s can be cute one day, and this burning sensation the next day. She’s versatile.

6. Favorite female or male model?

S: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing when he poses for photos.

J: G Dragon and T.O.P. I like them coz they both have a very strong charisma when they model, I also like Soo Joo because she looks good in everything, is very pretty, but also doesn’t look as soft and weak as many other models.

W: Jessica Serfaty.

7. Cosmetic brand you would take to a deserted island, and why?

S: MAC. Honestly. They have everything you’d need. Brushes, eyeshadows, primers, lip glosses. And they keep coming out with a zillion new collections so you’d never get bored. ;D

J: Ditto Shawna…

W: Why would you need to look good on a deserted island? There’s no one there to impress… just bring moisturizer so you don’t die of facial dehydration. Hooray for Vaseline and aloe…

8. Cosmetic brand you would pull the plug on? (Bury never to be seen or heard from again).

S: I’d say NYC. I’ve never seen any good reviews for that stuff. Which is why I don’t own anything by them. Which may or may not work out to the company’s defense. ūüėõ

J: Claire’s… they sell cheap makeup at pretty ridiculous prices that have either too much or too little pigmentation to young girls convincing them they look good… it’s terrible (I know this is biased from wasted allowance as a child)

W: Wet n’ Wild. Apparently it’s waterproof…but removes when it comes in contact with water. Smart.

9. If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

S: This question is a little vague. If it was a specific one makeup item… it would have to be Cicaplast¬†by La Roche Posay, which is what I use to moisturize my face since I have the occasional bout of eczema. That stuff is amazing. But if I had to choose a category of beauty products it would have to be foundations or bb creams.

J: Unlike Shawna¬†im not so concerned with my complexion, so I would say eyeliner or, more specifically, M.A.C’s Fluidline…

W: Foundation…but I don’t even own makeup so what am I to say.

10.  Last movie you saw.

S: Honestly I’ve been rewatching the Sherlock series lately. The last actual movie I saw was The Avengers.

J: Ok well the last movie I¬†started was the first Underworld, but i¬†didn’t finish… last movie I¬†saw in the theatre was Brave… last thing I¬†saw in the theatre was the live stream on the Met Operas production of “Carmen”… and I’ve been watching a lot of K-Dramas lately, as well as Leverage with the fam jam…

W: The Dark Knight Rises. Joseph Gordon-Levitt…my golly.

11.  Iphone, Android, or Blackberry?  :)

S: Iphone. ūüôā

J: Iphone… I¬†have one it rocks, but I have to say android is catching up…

W: iPhone. I wish I had one, though…

So. Now that that’s finished, we’ve come up with some questions for you guys!

1: If you could have a superpower what would it be? How would you use it?

2: Your house is on fire. You grab one item before bolting out of there to safety (the rest of your family is safe outside). What did you grab?

3: What was the best/worst shopping experience you’ve had?

4: If you could have an emoticon as a face what would it be? :3

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world and experience the culture (say there were no language barriers) where would you go and why?

6. If you could be the main character from any TV show, who would you be and why?

7. If you could go on a shopping spree (not on your own dime) anywhere in the world, where and why?

8. What is you favourite beauty product? Makeup product? Why?

9. If you could move your home anywhere, where would you move? (country, city, general surroundings if applicable)

10. What is your favourite accessory and why?

11. If you had to dye your hair a different colour for the rest of your life, which colour would you pick and why?

SO. Now onto the really fun stuff. We nominate you guys!










We had so much fun doing this tag and we hope that you beautiful people had fun reading our responses! Hugs to all of our new followers! We hope to be beauty blogging for a long time to come. ūüôā

Style, sense and swag,

-The Three Artists


2 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award! (x3)

  1. awww thank you so much for nominating me! it means a lot that you thought of me for this! i was already nominated a few times and posted it twice on my blog already (last one was about 2 months ago) so some of the answers to your questions are i would travel to australia, russia, and brazil in a heartbeat!! i have so many dream vacations but those are my top 3 right now. if i could live anywhere i would move back to london, i used to live there, or to edinburgh, or one of the carolinas. thanks again for nominating me!!

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