Shawna’s Fall Lookbook!

Hey beautiful people! It’s Shawna here, and this post is the start of a series called Shawna’s Lookbook, where I share with you different ideas and outfit combinations for the season, different events, etc.  Also, I’ll be sharing the latest trends, and incorporating them into outfits.

For the fall, deep blues and patterned/ coloured pants are trending, so most of these outfits are going to be based on how to wear these. I also just bought a bunch of clothing from H&M, so I’m going to be including those too.

Sorry for the state of my hair in this picture. This is its natural state (untamed, you may call it), when I don’t straighten or shape it with product. Moving on to this first outfit, I paired a polka blouse with red jeans. Now red jeans usually go well with white, plain tops, and maybe a jacket overtop, so I tried to keep this outfit simple. They add a pop of colour and tend to be the main aspect of an outfit.

I switched the red jeans to dark denim shorts for a more subtle, innocent look. You can’t see it, but I used some metal earrings that were brass or copper (or at least in that colour range) as they seemed to compliment the blouse and tie the look together.

Next I wore this comfy graphic shirt, with a cute “Cherry Kicks” design. Now just pairing it with jean shorts makes for an extremely comfy outfit, but more layers can be added to adapt to the coming cooler weather (not really on the West Coast though, it’s HOT out here!).

BAM! A pop of royal blue and skinny jeans and this look is transformed. Blue tends to look good with cool colours such as green, purple, turquoise, and other shades of blue, as well as white. The graphic on the shirt adds a focal point so the outfit isn’t too plain.

And for the more daring fashionista out there, vertically striped pants!!! The graphic T-shirt is no longer necessary (because it might clash with the pants, which demand attention), but I kept it because it isn’t an all-over pattern. The important thing with wearing patterned pants is that you don’t want to wear anything with a pattern that clashes, meaning mostly the shirt and shoes. Since the pants are also black and white, the jacket still fits in perfectly, polishing off this look to the max.

I’m finished with the looks for today, but there will definitely be more in the near future, so stay tuned!

Style, sense and swag!

-Shawna ❤


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