NOTD and Tutorial: Fall Maple Leaves

Hey guys, Shawna here with a NOTD! Summer is gradually fading away, and fall is fast approaching, so what better way to capture fall’s beauty than to do an inspired nail look? This one is AMAZINGLY EASY, the picture is of my right hand, which means I did the design with my left (and believe me, I’m NOT ambidextrous at all)!

Here are the instructions on how to achieve this look!

1. Apply a base coat

2. Paint a base colour of light shimmery orange (or you could use a creme orange if you want)

3. On a piece of paper, marble (or swirl together) a red and a yellow polish. The colours should not be thoroughly mixed. Then, use a makeup sponge to dab this mixture onto the nail over the polish. You will have to repeat the process of mixing and dabbing quiet a few times (depending on what sort of effect you want), so be patient!

4. Use a red striper (or a red polish and a small paintbrush) to paint on the maple leaf (basically just a few daisy petal shapes joined together).

5. Apply a top coat to lock in your new fall-themed design!

That’s about it! Now go rock your maple leaf nails with style!

OH! And we’ve updated the About the Three Artists page with some pictures, so go check it out! 😉

Style, sense, and swag!

-Shawna ❤


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