Review: L’Oréal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black

Good morning Lovelies!  I just wanted to tell you guys about this product, and my funny little story with it. So first of all, in most of my makeup videos I always say that the liquid eyeliner I use is an old one of my mom’s that is most likely discontinued, but in some ways this is incorrect. The old liner I have wasn’t discontinued, but its name was changed. It went from being “Super Liner in Black” to “Lineur Intense in Carbon Black”… I guess you can see where I’m going with this. Well the other day I was on YouTube looking up eyeliner reviews and came across this, and noticed that it was basically the same product, and was, to be honest, very happy. I have been searching for an equivalent eyeliner, and finally found one… well not really seeing as it happens to be almost the same, but whatever! The funniest part is that the packaging is basically the same, along with the tip.

This is the outside of both… the darker one is the new one I bought today…

just another shot with the tips included…

Okay, enough about the two and on to the review! From what I’ve noticed so far, it has a very intense and pigmented colour. This is both a benefit and a detriment, because though it makes it easier to do thick, heavy eyeliner, if you’re going for a soft look it can be harder to apply. Also, it doesn’t smudge when I rub my finger over the swatches I’ve done on my hand, and hasn’t smudged since I put it on my eyes around 4 hours ago. Now the biggest bonus for me is that I really like the tip! The main reason for this is probably because I learned on it and find it easiest. It isn’t quite a pen, like the Tokidoki eyeliner, but isn’t quite a brush, like many others; it is actually kind of like a calligraphy pen, if you know what that is like. I think honestly it might take some getting used to, but I find it is the best of both worlds; flexible like a brush, but controllable like a pen-tip. Ok now for the swatches I mentioned earlier…


Thanks for reading! I encourage everyone to at least try this product, I think it costs around $11 in Canada, and if that is too much then at least pick it up if its like on sale or something… well, if you want to that is 🙂 Anyway, I wish you all luck in finding the right eyeliner for you!

Style, Sense and Swag,

Jocelyn xx


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