Jocelyn and Shawna Duo Review! : Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer

Hey there beautiful people! Jocelyn and I both own this product and wanted to review it. We’re both different skin tones and have different skin types, so hopefully more of you guys are able to relate to this review. The product we’ll be focusing on today is the Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer.

First, some background information on the product; I picked mine up at Zellers for about approzimately $11. You get 0.37 fl.oz (11ml) of product for this price, which is a fairly good deal when taking into consideration the amount of product used each time. The product comes in 4 shades ranging from light to medium-dark, so it’s not very diverse in color range. Paler skinned people should be able to get away with the light shade (Jocelyn is quite pale), but but darker skinned people probably would want to look for another concealer, as even the medium-dark shade would be far too light for most darker skin tones.

The packaging is a squeeze tube with a nozzle where the product comes out. This is a good thing as it ensures that you will be able to use most of the product up.

Shawna’s Review:

I use the shade medium. I find that this concealer is extrememly creamy and well pigmented. For me, it doesn’t completely blot out my dark circles, but it does make the area under my eyes more even and bright. If I don’t blend well it can look a little cakey, but that’s about it with negatives. I don’t have to use a lot everyday to brighten up my undereyes, so this product should last me a long time. It does cover up my other blemishes well. It has a matte finish and I haven’t noticed it wearing off anytime soon.

Overall I really do recommend this product! It is very creamy and gives a more youthful look. 🙂

Jocelyn’s Review:

Hey Y’all… so seeing as Shawna did the intro for this I’ll do a little one of my own. I bought this at London Drugs like 2 years ago for I think $12. I was on Youtube and looking for a new concealer, and this was one of the ones recommended. It applies quite nicely, though I would suggest tapping it on because it loves to smudge. When I put it under my eyes, it brightens the area but doesn’t erase my dark circles… It is a tad dark for my skin tone (it’s a little warm) but it still turns out nice. I always prime my face, but I’m not sure you need to. It does have a very nice creamy texture without being too heavy, and I would suggest this product to anyone who fits the skin tone. BTW I have it in light.



Style, Sense and Swag

Shawna & Jocelyn xx


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