OOTD: Cozy for Autumn

Helloooo everyone c: it’s cold! (well, at least where I am…) It’s time I took out my scarves, yay! Armed with my warmest most coziest scarf in my closet…come at me mother nature.

The main reason why I bought this top is because of it’s details. I love love love details. It’s way more eye-catching than a plain grey top, and you can see the details even when the scarf is overlapping the top half (:

Cardigans are a must-have for fall/winter since they’re so subtle c:

My favourite belt is making an appearance, once again (I love braided belts).

Top: Aeropostale

Jeans: Garage

Cardigan: Jacob

Belt: H&M

YAY! Scarf season! My scarf is just so warm and fuzzy and pink… *sigh. Yeah, it’s just great. I got it from my mom as a gift (I think…) and I couldn’t wait until it was cold enough to wear it. It’s pink/cream on one side, and pink/brown on the other.

Scarf: I got it as a gift…but it says Espirit

’tis what ’tis. Stay warm and fuzzy :3

Style, sense, and swag,



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