NOTD: Rainbow Candy

Herro there beauty lovers! :3 I’d decided that I was going to attempt the bordered nail style this time, with polka dots in the middle for a cute effect.

It is very simple to achieve this look, it just requires some patience.

1. Apply base coat to make nail design last longer

2. Apply your chosen base colour

3. With either a small paintbrush or using the nail polish’s provided brush, make the blob in the middle, following your nail’s natural shape. It’s exactly like painting a regular coat of polish, just making sure not to touch the edges of the nail.

4. Clean up the edges with your base colour, using a small paintbrush.

5. Fill in the dots with a dotting tool, making sure to stagger them.

6. To make the candy I used a large dot of white, and then a smaller dot of green, both with a dotting tool. Then I drew the rest with a small paintbrush and white nail polish. A white striper is another possible option.

There you go! Hope you guys enjoyed this design, many more to come in the future!

Style, sense and swag,



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